Why I’m very pleased to be speaking at Chain Reaction next week

Simon Berry on ColaLife and Chain Reaction

Colalife is a great idea. It’s not the idea it was a year ago. It’s much better. I’m a great believer in open innovation which is essentially the process of opening up of ideas to others so that they are made better (the ideas not the people). That’s why I’m so pleased to be contributing to Chain Reaction. It’s a valuable face to face opportunity to expose the ColaLife idea to another bunch of innovative people. These people will challenge the idea and ask difficult questions, many will be supportive and enthused. And this will result in the further honing of the idea and will further build confidenceĀ  which is essential if we are to make ColaLife, and all the other bright ideas that will be on display at Chain Reaction, a reality.

Have you booked for Chain Reaction yet by the way? You can do it hereit’s free if you’re under 21 – and if you’re not under 21 and have to pay, you’ll be providing an opportunity for the youngsters to be inspired by the amazing Chain Reaction programme.