Archives for November 2009

ColaLife is through the first stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge

We have just heard that ColaLife is through the first stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. The email said: Your project was selected out of one of the strongest pools in quality of entries that we’ve seen to date. Over 200 projects were reviewed from all over the world. This is a significant milestone for […]

The top 4 ColaLife videos – enjoy!

Note that the first minute of the fourth video is in Swahili. If you don’t speak Swahili, hang around because the rest is in English and is very interesting.

Open Sourcing Project 10^100?

Do you remember Google’s Project 10 to the 100th? In the autumn of 2008 Google asked us all to submit ‘ideas that would change the World’. More than 170,000 of us did just that across 170 countries. We submitted the ColaLife idea. The plan was that Google would select the top 100 ideas and ask […]

ColaLife makes it into the Skype Video Library

I was prompted to download the latest version of Skype this evening and was very excited to find that as well as a photo you can add a profile video! But then was disappointed that you can’t select your own video, you have to choose one from a (slightly dubious) library. I was about to […]

Look out Coca-Cola. Here come Pepsi.

With special thanks to ColaLife supporter Tim Cooke who persuaded his friend to take an AidPod out into the field and take pictures. Unfortunately his friend found Pepsi before he found Coca-Cola! I find it incredible that this AidPod was on my desk being made just a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, a couple of […]

Please endorse ColaLife for the $20,000 Africa Rural Connect Prize

Please could you take a few moments to endorse ColaLife on the Africa Rural Connect (ARC) site. The ARC judges will select the strongest idea on the site to receive the grand prize of $20,000 of funding. They will make the announcement in late December. You do have to register but it only takes a […]

A conversation with Julian Dobson

I first met Julian when New Start Magazine was a twinkle in the eye around 10 years ago. Julian co-founded New Start Magazine with Kath Acres and Jamie Veitch. Kath was one of the first people I turned to when setting up the board of ruralnet|uk and she served as a trustee. So it was […]

10,000 have viewed ColaLife Animation

Over the weekend the original ColaLife animation went through the 10,000 views barrier – that’s around 25 views a day since it was published. You can watch it on the *NEW* ColaLife Channel (it’s only got a few views here so far). Thanks go to Luke Berry (artist), Sam Berry (animator) and Julian (sound effects) […]

David Berman on ColaLife

When putting together The ColaLife Channel I came across this interview with David Berman author of Do Good Design. Kate Andrews hooked us up at the beginning of the year when David’s book was published. In the interview David talks about ColaLife. The link is that on page 40 of his book in the chapter […]

The ColaLife Channel launches

A key element of the online part of the ColaLife campaign has been to take a multi-channel approach and get ColaLife everywhere. We didn’t start with a website and expect people to find us, we went to all the places potential supporters might be. So we are: On Facebook – On Twitter – […]