ColaLife autumn speaking tour hits the trains

Through a string of very fortunate coincidences, tomorrow I get on a train to begin a pretty high profile (although I say so myself!) ColaLife speaking tour! The first stop is Rotterdam for the 8th Annual World Food and Innovation Conference to give a plenary presentation on ColaLife to the big boys and girls of the food industry:

Food Technology and Innovation logo

Then it’s back to London where Colalife is ‘headlining’ at TEDx London (4/11/09) – at least that’s how it was put to me! I think all the speakers there are also ‘headlining’. I want to use this to try a get a spot at global TED at some point in the future:

TEDx London Logo

And then Colalife will one of the two short plenary sessions kicking off the wonderful Chain Reaction event in Canary Wharf (12/11/09):

Chain Reaction logo
This string of activities has inspired ColaLife supporter (and son) to put together a brilliant animation showing how the ColaLife AidPod works. This will go onto YouTube and this blog after the Chain Reaction event. Can I urge you to consider coming to the Chain Reaction event. It’s free if you are under 21. I guarantee you will have an inspiring day – the programme is simply amazing (ColaLife only gets 15mins!).


  1. Magdalena Serpa says

    Sensational! Please keep us posted 🙂

    I had the opportunity to mention ColaLife to many at Social Media for Sustainability conference organized by Justmeans in San Francisco on Monday.

    Un abrazo,



  1. RT @colalife: All set for three high-profile ColaLife presentations in a month . . . <=== Chain Reaction is one of 'em!

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