AidPods are go!

Nick Langridge

Nick Langridge – “Day to day I am a 32 year old mild mannered computer programmer based in Royston, Herts. I’m not exactly Evil Kneivel, but I’ve taken road trips on two-wheels before in New Zealand and Norway, and always planned to do something more challenging and constructive.”

This campaign is full of surprises. It’s amazing the trouble people, I’ve never met, are prepared to go to to support a good cause. When I asked if anyone was going to Africa so that they could take some of the Mark III AidPods with them and send back photos, I didn’t expect an aidpod to be flying across South Africa on the back of a motorbike. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Nick is raising money for: UNICEFSentebale and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. He’s raised £5,000 so far and you can sponsor him here. This picture was taken this morning (16/10/09) just as Nick set off. We sent the T-shirt and AidPod by special delivery yesterday.

Thanks Nick. Have a good ride – no more broken collar bones please!


  1. RT @colalife: AidPods are go! Aidpod starts journey across Africa on the back of a motorbike: #colalife #aidpod

  2. Safe Travels! RT @colalife AidPod starts journey across Africa