Anyone going to Africa?

AidPods Mark III 003

We are desperate for decent pictures of the Mark III ColaLife Aidpods in a crates of Coca-Cola in Africa. I spent yesterday afternoon making these models for this purpose. Now I just need someone travelling to Africa to agree to take one or two and send back hi-resolution pictures like this one BUT with Coca-cola bottles not Fanta:

ColaLife aidpod Wedge in place (cropped)

Any volunteers? Please comment or contact me – contact details are on the PRESS page. Thanks.


  1. Wendy Arneson says

    Hi, I am going to Moshi, Tanzania for Nov. 1-21 and I know they have a Coca Cola bottling or distribution plant up there. I will see if I can find crates of Coke with the ColaLIfe aid pods as you describe. Do you think these will be found in typical convenience stores and markets there? Regards, Wendy Arneson

    [Ed: I am now in email contact with Wendy]

  2. Perhaps you do not need this any more, but I will be traveling to a remote area in Western Tanzania Nov. 5-19. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    [Ed: I am now in email contact with Tammie]

  3. We can probably help on this, but I’m not sure how soon the next chance will come. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. if I had taken one from you at Africa Gathering it could have been in Nigeria by now. We have people going back and forth – but not on a regular basis. Is there a deadline?

  4. Hi there,
    I live and work with orphanages in Liberia, but I am currently at home in the States. I should be returning to Liberia by the end of the year. What a GREAT, life-saving idea! Whenever we have workshops for orphanage directors and caretakers, we train them on ORS and use Coke bottles as the example, because you can find a Coke bottle anywhere! Let me know if you still are looking for people to carry over an Aidpod.
    Thanks for your kind remarks Ashley. We have enough people carrying aidpods now but if you wanted to make your own and take pictures like this that would be wonderful. The pattern is here.


  1. Paul Webster says:

    @kevincurley RT @51m0n: Anyone going to Africa? We need aidpod photos. Any volunteers? #colalife #agathering

  2. RT @colalife Anyone going to Africa (from the UK)?

  3. RT @colalife: Anyone going to Africa (form the UK)? –> great campaign! Pls spread the word about it!

  4. […] trouble people, I’ve never met, are prepared to go to to support a good cause. When I asked if anyone was going to Africa so that they could take some of the Mark III AidPods with them and send back photos, I didn’t […]