Who are you? Village Reach!

I have just found this post in the drafts folder of the blog. Apologies for the delay in publishing.
Craig Nakagawa of Village Reach
Meet Craig Nakagawa of Village Reach. Craig co-founded VillageReach in 2000. He is based in Seattle  and, this afternoon (14/8/09), I had the pleasure speaking with him and his colleagues Anne Delaney and Brian Trunk. Village Reach is driven by many of the same concerns as ColaLife and their mission is:

to save lives and improve well being in developing countries by increasing last-mile access to healthcare and investing in social businesses that address gaps in community infrastructure.

They also have a social enterprise approach to everything they do; something else they have in common with ColaLife. Contact was made through Anne joining the ColaLife Google Group where I asked her to introduce herself. if we can build ColaLife in the way we plan then Village Reach will be the sort of organisation we will want to be working with.