Giant AidPod seeks next display space

Giant AidPod at NESTA 001
The giant ColaLife AidPod in the NESTA reception

“The Colalife exhibition has been very successful – with lots of attention and positive comments from visitors to the NESTA offices. It’s a great example of a simple but very powerful idea – what innovation should be!”
Todd Somerville, Head of Corporate Communication, NESTA

The ColaLife giant aidpod has spent the whole summer in the reception area at NESTA where it has started lots of conversations and has inspired people. Craig Newmark (of Craig’s List fame) was moved to blog about it at The Huffington Post, at and!

The giant AidPod is now looking for its next home. If you’d like to host it for a few days, weeks or months and expose the campaign to a new set of people in the process, please let me know. My contact details are on the PRESS page. Thanks.


  1. RT @colalife Could you provide the next home for the giant ColaLife AidPod display?Offers please.See it in situ at NESTA

  2. ColaLife – bringing rehydration salts to kids to fight child deaths through crates of cola. Demo pods needs home

  3. Simon Berry says:

    Who do I ask for from Virgin Trains @ Euston to take this to Rugby. It's for a very good cause –

  4. […] all of this I thought I’d try and get the giant AidPod back to Rugby on Virgin Trains and  I did it by deciding it was a bicycle box for the purposes of […]

  5. […] The giant AidPod will be in the exhibition. […]