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ColaLife entered for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge

I am rather embarrassed by this video which accompanied our entry, but the people at the Buckminster Fuller Challenge (BFC) were very strict about what you should say and I found it very difficult to follow a script! So apologies, but I think it gets the message across. We only had two minutes. Thanks are due to […]

Verifying delivery and paying for it

Following on from my post of yesterday pointing out that if ColaLife is going to succeed it needs to recognise and respect the profit motive of its potential hosts (ie all those involvled, post bottling, in the Coca-Cola distribution system), I have contacted Ken Banks of FrontlineSMS fame and Benjamin Lyon of the significant off-shoot: […]

Is wealth creation the new philanthropy?

An AidPod’s view of a Coca-cola crate – so much unused space! Preparing for the Rotterdam conference has served as a reminder that the private sector is there TO MAKE MONEY. People outside the sector say to me, over and over again: “But why wouldn’t they [Coca-Cola] just do it [ColaLife]?” The answer is that they […]

ColaLife autumn speaking tour hits the trains

Through a string of very fortunate coincidences, tomorrow I get on a train to begin a pretty high profile (although I say so myself!) ColaLife speaking tour! The first stop is Rotterdam for the 8th Annual World Food and Innovation Conference to give a plenary presentation on ColaLife to the big boys and girls of the […]

ColaLife makes the GOOD 100 list

A tweet from Charles Magnuson alerted me to this. ColaLife has made it into the GOOD 100 list from This is great news but I’m not sure what happens next. My happiness would be complete if only the site would let me register! They have created a graphic for all top 100 people/ideas/projects […]

AidPods are go!

Nick Langridge – “Day to day I am a 32 year old mild mannered computer programmer based in Royston, Herts. I’m not exactly Evil Kneivel, but I’ve taken road trips on two-wheels before in New Zealand and Norway, and always planned to do something more challenging and constructive.” This campaign is full of surprises. It’s […]

CALL TO ACTION: Please email WHO and/or UNICEF

The World Health Organisation (WHO) published this report today and it provides us with a unique opportunity to get the ColaLife concept on their agenda. Our ideas – for better distribution using market approaches for a new diarrhoea ‘kit’ containing both ORS and zinc – are an excellent fit with what they propose. Please take […]

Anyone going to Africa?

We are desperate for decent pictures of the Mark III ColaLife Aidpods in a crates of Coca-Cola in Africa. I spent yesterday afternoon making these models for this purpose. Now I just need someone travelling to Africa to agree to take one or two and send back hi-resolution pictures like this one BUT with Coca-cola […]

Emmanuel Jal winds up Africa Gathering

Africa Gathering came to an emotional end for three reasons: Emmanuel Jal – the now musician (Peter Gabriel compares him to the young Bob Marley) – but once Child Soldier told us about bits of his young life. Horrendous to a level you would not believe. That’s all I’m saying. You’ll have to read the […]

Tracking the Giant AidPod’s progress towards Africa Gathering

Just for fun . . . this map will track our progress in getting the Giant AidPod to the Africa Gathering event tonight. We should get there by about 5pm. If you are nearby and see us – give us a wave (and a shout)!