Let’s hear it for the G20 bloggers

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As you must be aware, the G20 Summit is underway in Pittsburgh. But you might not know is that there are a bunch of people passionate about social justice and the environment blogging from inside the summit under the banner of G20Voice. The idea of the G20Voice initiative is that it “Amplifies bloggers’ voices to hold the G20 accountable”.  So if you want the people’s view of what’s going on you need to be following the G20Voice bloggers.

I had the honour to be nominated by ColaLife supporters for the first ever team of G20Voice bloggers at the London Summit in April 2009. You can read my posts here. A couple of the original team have made it to Pittsburgh. Can I recommend you take a look at the thoughts of Vikki Chowney and Todd Lucier – fellow team members from the London summit.

The highlight of the G20 London summit for ColaLife was the conversation with Bob Geldof captured by fellow bloggers Nick Booth and Lloyd Davies:

The tag being used for all this activity is G20Voice. G20Voice tweets are here.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Let’s here it for the G20 bloggers – https://bit.ly/HPTMl – @vikkichowney @toddlucier @voiceteam #G20voice #Pittsburgh