ColaLife Limited – ColaLife incorporates

ColaLife Ltd Certificate of Incorporation

It’s official. Today ColaLife’s Certificate of Incorporation arrived from Bells, Wells & Braithwaite.  ColaLife Limited is a company limited by guarantee (non-profit). Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are here. Many thanks to Bells, Wells & Braithwaite for their pro-bono help with the incorporation. The first draft of a business plan is also on its way.  Once this in place I hope it will provide enough information to enable people to sign up for board membership to take ColaLife to the next phase.

There are several reasons for incorporation including:

  1. To provide supporters, particularly potential funders, a mechanism to engage (please get in touch!)
  2. To enable ColaLife to inject further pace into the campaign which has been totally dependent on Coca-Cola until now
  3. To enable ColaLife to engage in design and prototyping of the aidpod concept
  4. To enable ColaLife to bid to implement the ColaLife idea if we make it to the finals of Google’s Project 10 to the 100th

The not-for-profit legal structure we have chosen will enable us to adopt charitable status or CIC status at sometime in the future if this would be beneficial. Either of these decisions would be one-way.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Dr. Magdalena Serpa MD-MPH says

    Memorable, congratulations!

  2. UPDATE:

    On 12 April 2011 we agreed changes to our Memorandum in preparation for an application to the Charity Commission for charitable status and three new directors joined the ColaLife Board. There are more details here:

    On 21 June 2011, ColaLife’s application for charitable status was approved. There are more details including a link to our new Memorandum here:


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