ColaLife moves on the rest of Europe – Part 2

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I have been invited to give a ColaLife presentation at the 8th Annual World Food Technology & Innovation convention in Rotterdam at 15:35 on 27 October. It looks like it’s a plenary session. The programme is here. This is the pitch I will be going in on:

Distributing commercial products in developing countries fulfils one purpose: a commercial one. Will this be acceptable in the future against a back drop of high child mortality and grinding poverty? Sustainable distribution businesses will need to maximise social and environmental returns as well financial ones.
ColaLife is encouraging Coca-Cola to engage in ‘sustainable distribution’ and use the unused space in Coca-Coca crates to carry ‘social products’ such as oral rehydration salts, vitamin A tablets, water purification tablets or whatever else is required in a particular location to improved public health, particularly children’s health.
You can get a Coca-Cola virtually anywhere you go in developing countries but in these places 1 in 5 children die before their 5th birthday. as well as being a blight on humanity it doesn’t make commercial sense that 1 in 5 of your potential customers die before they are 5.
ColaLife is a mature proposition that has been honed by exposing the idea to thousands of people in social networks. Coca-Cola have engaged at international level; ColaLife has brokered a partnership between Coca-Cola and an international NGO (AED) and local trials will start in Tanzania this year.
Four children die every minute in Africa alone from simple preventable diseases and this has been the case for many decades – ColaLife aims to be part of the solution to this problem. This presentation will be delivered by ColaLife’s founder and former development worker, Simon Berry. – the website – the blog

Other speakers include:

Tim Carey
Director, Sustainability and Technology

Steven Moorhouse
General Manager European Supply Chain

Dr. Graham Cross
Director Innovation Acceleration & Supplier Alliances

Andrew Trevis
Plant Director
Kraft Foods

Chris McCann
ES Country Head
Wal-Mart Global Procurement

And many, many others.

Onwards and upwards!


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    Onwards and upwards!


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