?What If!, the innovation company, support ColaLife (again)

Through my day job (Head of Third Sector Team at Defra), I had the good fortune to meet Dave Allan and James Baderman of ?What If!, the innovation company. ?What If! is an international company whose clients include Coca-Cola, Unilever, Cadbury Schweppes and many other big names. On this particular evening ?What If! had been charged with arranging a Ministerial Dinner in Admiralty House to bring social enterprise ambassadors and government officials together. I was there as a government official.

Dave and James were very interested in the possibility of supporting ColaLife through the ?What If! Foundation. I met with James and his colleagues a couple of times but formal support was not possible with an unincorporated body so the potential partnership was put on the back burner.

Fast Forward a few months and we decide we are ready to incorporate ColaLife and need a registered address. I went back to ?What If! to ask if they would provide us with our first ‘legal home’. They said ‘Yes’. So ColaLife’s registered address will shortly be:

The Glassworks,
3-4 Ashland Place,
London, W1U 4AH

Thanks ?What If!. I don’t think ColaLife could have a more appropriate first home.


  1. RT @colalife @wearewhatif – the global innovation company – to provide colalife with its first ‘legal home’. https://is.gd/2DIBW Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yippedeedoodah, and we’rrrrrrrrrrroff!

    Thrilling news – as the boring necessary legal stuff starts to grind through, making the bonkers original idea start to seem like commonsense reality even to those who didn’t believe from the start.

    Wonderful, wonderful news.

    – Fi

  3. Dr. Magdalena Serpa MD-MPH says

    Dito Fiona!

    Just thinking about the words said by Michael Roth today in talking about Senator Kennedy: “May the memory of his passionate and reasoned voice for health care as a right and not a privilege be the basis for extending and improving our health care system. May we continue to have the courage to believe in the possibilities for positive change. This would be the greatest tribute to a remarkable man.”

    Peace and health for all,


  4. RT @51m0n: RT @colalife @wearewhatif – the global innovation company – to provide colalife with its first ‘legal home’. https://is.gd/2DIBW