Hello. My name is Simon and I have diarrhoea

Does this headline jar a bit? Then read on.

This post is prompted by a TIME Magazine article (Can One Pill Tame the Illness No One Wants to Talk About?) brought to my attention by Magdelena Serpa. As you can see the main theme of the article is the role Zinc can play in treating and even preventing diarrheoa. What it also points out is the discomfort people have about talking about diarrhoea. We all know of the hip (and successful) campaigns supported by rock bands and others against malaria and AIDS but no celebrity has ever got up on the stage for diarrhoea. And yet, in the 21st Century this is STILL the second biggest killer of young children in developing countries. Are we letting this scourge on humanity continue because of some sort of embarrassment?

There are annotated pictures on the TIME Magazine site of how zinc is saving lives in Mali.

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  1. Mike Reed says:

    Good post from @51m0n about getting grown-up about diarrhoea – the biggest child-killer in developing nations. https://bit.ly/2GbAH0