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Hats off to Evan Kroske who has started a campaign to get Google to commit to an announcement date for their 10th anniversary competition which has been postponed twice and is currently postponed indefinitely.

It’s true that Google have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of responses they have received (150,000 in 20+ different languages) but there are many who think they should have ‘open sourced’ the selection process in some way.

Anyway, Evan was generous enough to mention ColaLife as an example of the task Google have taken on – see the blog post and comments here.

He also points to a Digg video interview with Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience at Google, who said that Google will be making some announcements regarding Project 10^100 this fall. In the interview, Mayer said “We’ll be making some announcements coming up this fall to close the process, get the public vote going, and ultimately decide on the winning idea or ideas.” See the full response here. The question starts 7min 20 secs in:

We have made a lot of progress since we submitted our idea to Google way back in October 2008. But we still Google’s help. Here’s why.

And . . . just to finish off . . . let’s remind ourselves what ColaLife is all about:


  1. It’s absolutely hilarious that you seem just as excited about my mention of ColaLife as I am of your mention of Project 10^100 Now. I hope that our cooperation will help both our causes succeed. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Rev.Ebenezer J.Malyi says

    Thank you Cola Life.This idea will help a lot of children around Third World who are suffering.We are praying that you will get sponsor for this project.God bless you.


  1. RT @colalife: Come on Google 10^100 we need you now more than ever.