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ColaLife moves on the rest of Europe – Part 1

I was interviewed in August for Germany’s on-3 radio over Skype. And here is what was broadcast on 18/8/09 (my bits are in English!):

?What If!, the innovation company, support ColaLife (again)

Through my day job (Head of Third Sector Team at Defra), I had the good fortune to meet Dave Allan and James Baderman of ?What If!, the innovation company. ?What If! is an international company whose clients include Coca-Cola, Unilever, Cadbury Schweppes and many other big names. On this particular evening ?What If! had been […]

Progress Report – 26/8/09

Child at Rene MDC, Tanzania, November 2008 Image credit: Simon Berry May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on the British Aid Programme in NE Zambia that Coca-Cola’s distribution muscle could be used to distribute oral rehydration salts in developing countries I […]

Hello. My name is Simon and I have diarrhoea

Does this headline jar a bit? Then read on. This post is prompted by a TIME Magazine article (Can One Pill Tame the Illness No One Wants to Talk About?) brought to my attention by Magdelena Serpa. As you can see the main theme of the article is the role Zinc can play in treating and […]

ColaLife, MDCs and Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution System

This is an assessment of where we have got to in our relationship with Coca-Cola, our understanding of the different mechanisms by which Coca-Cola is distributed in developing countries and the implications for the roll-out of the ColaLife idea. Although the progress we have made is significant, it is evident that we still have a […]

Edging towards incorporation

The ColaLife Campaign has achieved amazing things but the consensus of the Google Group is that it is time to incorporate for several reasons: To provide supporters, particularly potential funders, a mechanism to engage To enable ColaLife to inject further pace into the campaign which is totally dependent on Coca-Cola as the moment To enable […]

ColaLife featured on the Project 10^100 NOW Blog

Hats off to Evan Kroske who has started a campaign to get Google to commit to an announcement date for their 10th anniversary competition which has been postponed twice and is currently postponed indefinitely. It’s true that Google have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of responses they have received (150,000 in 20+ different languages) […]

ColaLife balloon release

The excitement of yesterday’s announcement was just too much for one ColaLife supporter who decided a balloon release was in order. The wind direction? Towards Africa! Thanks Emma! 🙂

ColaLife brokers partnership with global NGO for Tanzanian field work

Our first major achievement was to get Coca-Cola’s agreement to look at trialling our ideas on the ground in Africa. Now we can reveal our second major achievement: we have successfully found them the partner they needed. Three weeks ago, on 20th July 2009, after months of partnership development talks, AED (The Academy for Educational […]