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Introducing Trans Tanz

Meet the people of the Trans Tanz Project. And a big thank you to them for helping the ColaLife Campaign by taking these photos and sending them in. Trans Tanz is a charitable organisation that works in the Bagamoyo district of Tanzania with a local community based organisation called UKUN.  Together they provide free transport […]

ColaLife to play Glastonbury!

Thanks to the ‘can-do’ attitude of two people in particular: Robert Richards at Worthy Farm and my son, Sam, the ColaLife animation will be screened throughout the Glastonbury festival on the 25 square metre double screen at William’s Green. Please tweet @colalife if you see it!

I’ve written to Michael Eavis

Last week the ColaLife animation (below) registered 8,000 views on YouTube. Not bad. But it deserves a much bigger audience – don’t you think? So last week I wrote to Michael Eavis to see if he’d be willing to show it on the big screens at the Glastonbury Festival. I included the animation on CD. […]

Still photos of the Mark III AidPod

Here are some still photos of the Mark III AidPod as a Flickr set or as a slide show below: Update: Video explanation of the Mark III AidPod design

Introducing the Mark III ColaLife AidPod

This short video describes the features of our third version of the ColaLife AidPod. The key features are: It has the same cross-section as the Mark II aidpod It is a two-part design: the lid and the container sections (first sketched here) The lid fits over a collar which is the same length as the […]

Innovation need not be complicated – giant aidpod installed at NESTA

After work today I popped along to NESTA as a little bird had told me that the giant aidpod had landed there. And here it is. I got quite emotional! NESTA’s strapline is ‘making innovation flourish’ so it will get attention it deserves here. Thanks are due to many but allow me to give a […]

Will a LifeStraw fit in an AidPod?

Over the weekend I got a message from ColaLife Facebook Group member Matthew Carter in South Africa. It went like this: The answer Matthew is ‘Yes’! The problem is that we only have cardboard models of the AidPod at the moment. We don’t even have a fully developed prototype and this is one of the […]

What’s in a name?

From time to time, we are asked if any corporates who use the word  Cola object to our using it – isn’t it part of their ‘brand’ or Intelletual Property, people ask? In fact, there are over 200 different brown fizzy drinks in the world referred to as ‘Cola‘ – and the word is generic, […]