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Giant AidPod installation at NESTA

Isn’t this fabulous?! It looks like the giant ColaLife AidPod is off to spend some time on display at NESTA whose strapline is: ‘making innovation flourish’. This is a mock-up of the installation that I received last night from Mark at theWorkshop who have put a lot of time (and money) into the production of […]

Help to raise the profile of ColaLife on our Birthday

Would you like to do something really significant on the birthday of ColaLife’s Facebook Group? If yes, then please comment on these two independent articles: click on the links below and add a comment, mentioning ColaLife, to the article you see. This will really help raise our profile. Thanks. Can Big Companies Drive Development […]

ColaLife gets mention in HARVARD report

Last week the HARVARD Kennedy School and the IFC published their report into the research into Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution System undertaken in East Africa in the summer of 2008. We reported on this here. The report can be downloaded here: harvard-ifc-mdc-summary-report-final (PDF, 2.3 MB). The good news is that ColaLife is mentioned: In November 2008, […]

Welcome to the ColaLife office

I am a total sucker for new technology and gadgets and I was starting to look like a bit of a nurd until this campaign started and has demonstrated just what you can do with this stuff. Anyway, I met up last night with my friend David Wilcox who’s been a bit of a mentor […]

A conversation with Mark Ellis of sounddelivery

Simon Berry ColaLife Know How Non-Profit Interview | sounddelivery by colalife > A big thank you to the folks at sounddelivery, Mark Ellis and Eric Whelan in particular, for the creativity that went into this audio feature which was recorded on the evening of 25/3/09 and summarised the ColaLife story so far. The feature mixes […]

Malaria No More – has the time for the single issue charity come?

Community development is always more complex than it looks. ‘Quick fixes’ are ‘out’ and ‘holistic approaches’ are ‘in’. But I wonder if there are exceptions to this philosophy. I think there are some things that just need to be fixed and I also think that a less holistic approach might actually help in some circumstances. […]

The ColaLife story as told by the BBC’s iPM programme

The BBC’s iPM programme, which goes out on a Saturday on Radio 4, has maintained a keen interest in the ColaLife story. For convenience, I have brought together the features they have created and broadcast in the last 12 months into this post (see below). In addition to these broadcasts, Jennifer Tracey, of iPM did […]

Further evidence of need – the Guardian’s Katine Project

Image credit: Katine Project, Guardian Newspapers Following the ColaLife presentation at last week’s Africa Gathering, we have been asked to provide an article to feature on the website that supports the Katine Project. This meant that Jane, who volunteered to write the article, had to do a bit of research into Katine. Anyway, here are […]