Giant AidPod looking for places to hang out in London

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the people at theWorkshop in Sheffield we bring you ‘the biggest ColaLife AidPod in the World’ (as far as we know). This time-lapse video shows how it was constructed.

As soon as Google announce the 100 semi-finalists in their Project 10 to the 100th we will be parading this amazing object through the streets of London to get people to vote for ColaLife. If we don’t get through to the last 100, we will still do it to raise the profile of our campaign.

Between now and the Google announcement it seems a great shame that the giant ColaLife AidPod is hidden away, out of sight. So we are going to bring it down to London and liberate it.

If you work somewhere with a busy reception and want to generate excitement, conversation and show your support for ColaLife at the same time, we would love to lend the giant AidPod to you.

On the other hand, you may be a window dresser on Oxford Street looking to for ‘that extra curious thing’ to raise sales in these difficult times . . . please get in touch.

You can leave a comment or email ‘act at colalife dot org’.



  1. Hello

    We are based on the Strand about 30 seconds walk from Trafalgar Square on teh Second floor. If sat on our balcony it should give the pod a lot of deserved attention.

    Let me know



  1. Simon Berry says:

    Giant ColaLife AidPod looking for busy places to hang out in London – video –

  2. Kate Andrews says:

    Giant #Colalife AidPod is looking for places to hang out in London…

  3. Where will the giant #ColaLife pod will end up

  4. […] this fabulous?! It looks like the giant ColaLife AidPod is off to spend some time on display at NESTA whose strapline is: ‘making innovation […]