Bob Geldof on ColaLife, Condoms and the Pope

Simon Berry talks to Bob Geldof about, condoms and the Pope from Podnosh on Vimeo.

Thanks to Nick Booth’s (podnosh) journalistic instincts I was able to get in front of Bob Geldof and, rather nervously, explain the ColaLife campaign to him. He got it and had some interesting observations. It is clear we share a similar view on the Pope’s recent comments on condoms. See the original post with Nick’s commentary here.

This what happened immediately after my conversation. I got in just in time. After the conversation with Bob Geldof, I was interviewed by Associated Press . . . who know’s where that will end up.

Bob Geldof scrum

Other big names and ColaLife.


  1. just seen my friend Simon Berry talk Sir Bob G -well done

  2. @richardpbacon
    follow this link and see what you think?

  3. woohoo Simon Berry the power of technology and a great idea

  4. #51m0n showed Bob Geldof the #ColaLife Aid Pod HURRAH

  5. Ellie Stoneley says

    FANTASTIC … well done Simon …

    I am quite literally laughing, crying and beaming with pride … excellent most excellent …

  6. Dad interview’s Bob Geldof from inside the G20

  7. Matthew Furniss says

    Amazing… I can only assume that Bob Geldof got out alive after the press steam-rollered over him to get to you, as I’ve yet to hear any news to the contrary.

    Honestly though – incredible stuff.

  8. Lilian Barton says

    Absolutely brilliant! So happy for Simon and Colalife including those who were with you – Shane and Nick.

  9. Emma Berry says

    Oh my god! That’s my Dad! Come on Bob, get involved!

  10. @GrahamRichards Thnks for drawing attention to the Bob Geldof / ColaLife conversation on video: Onwards & upwards!

  11. Akio Saito says

    Absolutely amazing! It’s very exciting!!

    I do hope Bob Geldof will touch on ColaLife in his official website in the near future.

  12. ha. Emma you’re ‘daddy’ comments keep making me laugh. Simon, well done with this! I’ve said it everywhere you’ve posted it now I think, but seriously magnificent stuff. In the midst of press release no.2 ๐Ÿ™‚ K.

  13. @podnosh @lloyddavis Splicing your two videos together would make a great Geldof/ColaLife movie. &

  14. watch @podnosh film @S1m0n showing ColaLife aidpod to Geldof

  15. RT @JustinGriggs RT @E11ie5 watch @podnosh film @S1m0n showing ColaLife aidpod to Geldof Watching this 4 the first time!


  1. […] inspiration behind The Tuttle Club and was a fellow G20 Voice Blogger. I like this take as it shows Nick filming the conversation, the hand shake and tap on the shoulder! You can see Lloyd’s original post here. Thanks […]