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ColaLife – the story so far – 25/4/09

The ColaLife Story So Far – 25/4/09 on Slideshare View more presentations from s1m0nb3rry. Here’s the presentation I gave yesterday at the Africa Gathering event at Birkbeck College, London. The audio was added retrospectively. The ‘Live’ version was a lot more fun! But all the facts are here. The videos and audio mentioned in the […]

Coca-Cola confirm their commitment to ColaLife trials . . on BBC Radio 4

This is a great confirmation of Coca-Cola’s commitment to trials of the ColaLife idea this year in Tanzania. Listen again to the interview here (4 mins 52 secs): Coca-Cola’s commitment to ColaLife | 25 04 2009 | FULL INTERVIEW by colalife Thanks are due to Euan of Coca-Cola and the iPM team who can do […]

Why we still need Google’s support

Animation produced by Facebook members to support our Project 10^100 entry There is a danger, now that Coca-Cola have said yes (probably) to trials of our idea in Tanzania, the people at Google will think ‘job done’ and decide we don’t need their help. However, the truth is that we need their help now more […]

Coca-Cola say ‘Yes’ (probably) to trials this year

Image credit: Alison Pearson. Thanks to the children of the N’gombe Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. A handful of ColaLife supporters attended the public  Business Fights Poverty event at the Commonwealth Club last night to hear Euan Wilmshurst, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, give a qualified YES to trials of the ColaLife idea before the […]

Coca-Cola presentation to be streamed live

Last week I drew your attention to the fact that Coca-Cola are poised to make a statement about trials in east Africa at the Business Fights Poverty event on 21.4.09. I urged those who were able to attend to register. Thanks to those who did that – see you there! For those who can’t make […]

Giant AidPod looking for places to hang out in London

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the people at theWorkshop in Sheffield we bring you ‘the biggest ColaLife AidPod in the World’ (as far as we know). This time-lapse video shows how it was constructed. As soon as Google announce the 100 semi-finalists in their Project 10 to the 100th we will be parading […]

Bob Geldof on ColaLife, condoms and the Pope (take 2)

Another take on the Bob Geldof ColaLife conversation, this time from Lloyd Davis of perfect path. Lloyd is the inspiration behind The Tuttle Club and was a fellow G20 Voice Blogger. I like this take as it shows Nick filming the conversation, the hand shake and tap on the shoulder! You can see Lloyd’s original […]

Coca-Cola poised to make a statement – but will they mention ColaLife?

First of all – if you’d like to hear this statement live and get a chance to ask questions then join Business Fights Poverty and register for this event. It’s free. This video shows where Coca-Cola were in May 2008 when the ColaLife campaign was started. It was made by Neville Isdell the then Chairman […]

My question to Barack Obama – a reflection on the G20 Summit

Image credit: Daudi Were of mentalacrobatics Apologies to pure colalife-ers as this is a bit off topic. To everyone else these words are from a bystander who was privileged to have been able to watch, first-hand, the culmination of the G20 Summit. I am certainly not qualified to be a political blogger. But here are […]

The G20 Summit communique in a wordle

If you go to and paste in the text of the G20 Summit communique, this is what you get. I would have preferred if words like JUSTICE, CHANGE and CLIMATE had featured – I can’t believe they don’t.