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G20 Voice: Folding in the edges?

Ever since I heard the news that I was to be part of the G20voice team of bloggers, my head has been buzzing with ‘nearly ideas’ and questions. Why do the powers that be want us there? Here’s one theory. I’m old enough to have seen pitifully slow progress in solving some of the planet’s […]

ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit!

Thanks to the support of Facebook Group members I am off to the G20 Summit! I heard today that the nomination to be a member of the G20voice team of bloggers from around the world had been approved by Number 10. This is huge honour and responsibility which I will be taking very seriously. If […]

WANTED AidPod makers . . .

You can now make your own ColaLife AidPods! All you need is two bits of A4 card, some scissors, some glue and a printer (or someone else’s!). Here’s what you need to do: 1 Download both parts of the pattern: AidPod Net A4 Part1.pdf AidPod Net A4 Part2.pdf 2 Print them out. NOTE: Make sure […]

Can we get ColaLife INSIDE the G20 Summit?

There is an opportunity to get ColaLife INSIDE the G20 Summit but it would need to be nominated. Is anyone up for doing that? If you are, please nominate ColaLife here. This initiative, called G20Voice, has been initiated by Oxfam (GB) who are looking to gather 50 bloggers from around the world to report from […]

ColaLife Video snuggles up to Google

Views of the ColaLife animation topped 6,000 today and in a search for ‘Project 10 100’ in Google the ColaLife animation is now second only to the Google Project itself! You can view the animation here. If you’ve got a YouTube account please give it 5 stars and make a comment if you have time. […]

Are Coca-Cola going to be first or are they just going to follow?

I’ve been thinking (always dangerous). And I predict that, in 10 years time, it will be considered unethical for a commercial operation to indulge in mono-product distribution in developing countries. I think this will be indefensible both from a social and environmental point of view. I reckon that if anyone says “We distribute xyz (=commercial […]

The unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod

As promised, and a lot quicker than expected, here is the unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod (thanks to David Wilcox at Social Reporter). The main differences between the initial prototype model and this one are: It has a hi-top that sits slightly proud of the bottles – this increases the capacity of […]

Google Project 10^100 Voting Campaign planning meeting

Just a quick note to say thanks you to everyone who came to tonight’s campaign planning meeting. It was great to shake hands with so many people I’d only met online. The room at Global Tolerance was brimming with ideas and the talent to actually implement them. We focussed ruthlessly on “how we might get […]

Creative juices start to flow . . .

There is nothing like the prospect of a ColaLife face to face meeting to get the creative juices flowing! These badge designs just popped into my mailbox from Bertie Bosrédon. Thanks Bertie. Which one would you wear?

ColaLife AidPod – new design to be unveiled on 3/3/09

A small group of us is gathering to plan for the eventually that our entry to Google’s Project 10 to the 100th ColaLife gets through to the final 100. Google will announce the final 100 on 17 March 2009 and then the public will be asked to vote on their favourite idea. Register for a […]