Dame Barbara Stocking on ColaLife

I was asked to pop down to the headquarters of Oxfam GB today to put Yoosk.com users’ questions to Dame Barbara Stocking, Oxfam’s CEO, in the build up to the G20 Summit. While I was there I had to ask her for her views on ColaLife and the AidPod. Unfortunately, there was a technical clitch with the flip video (user error) and I missed the first part of her comments where she made the point that it is true that you can get a Coca-Cola in most places but access to simple medicines was more difficult.

Dame Barbara highlighted the ‘issues’ associated with the ColaLife idea which are very familiar to those of us who have been working on the campaign for 10 months. We have several red lines:

  • The way ColaLife is implemented (or not) in any locality must be determined by local people and institutions. It should make these people and institions more effective;
  • ColaLife must not undermine the existing Coca-Cola distribution system;
  • ColaLife must have no detrimental effect on the incomes of those involved in Coca-Cola distribution and should preferably enhance it;
  • ColaLife must not undermine local livelihoods;
  • ColaLife must not undermine any system that is working!

You will note that at the end of the clip she says “Very exciting”.

Our thanks to Dame Barbara for allowing me to video (part!) of the convesation.

Other big names and ColaLife.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Dame Barbara Stocking, CEO Oxfam, on the ColaLife AidPod – video – https://tinyurl.com/c3pco2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. the power of online, people and passion – ColaLife – huge success from Facebook group start https://tinyurl.com/c3pco2 – worth joining …

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