An AidPod Made in Zambia!

ColaLife AidPod in Zambia 3

Image credit: Alison Pearson

This is the first AidPod to be made in Africa (to my knowledge). And it was made in Zambia which is where the ColaLife idea was born way back in 1988. My friend Alison has been volunteering in Zambia for a couple of decades (or more) and currently helps out in the N’gombe Compound in Lusaka. Alison took this photo and here is the story behind it in Alison’s words:

Dear Simon,

Eh, they got a bit excited – there WAS a crate in there somewhere but it was
swamped in the melee!! However the boy is holding a coke and they are
shrieking with laughter so I thought it was a good one.

I got a teacher to explain what you were doing and why we wanted a photo
and they understood very well and were very eager to take part. Not many
of them would have reached their age without facing the death of a sibling
in their own homes so it’s close to their hearts for sure. They are from
N’gombe Compound in Lusaka. I volunteer there mainly raising cash for books
and desks, do a bit of teacher training and workshops etc and I run a feeding
programme for 60 kids two meals per day. I mainly pester friends and
relations and the Wild Geese etc but this year I was very fortunate to get
a little funding from the Catholic Secretariat which took the pressure off a bit.

If you want another pikkie with a crate I can try again.

All the best with the campaign.

Love, Ali

Thanks Ali! You’ve made my day!

How could Coca-Cola possibly say ‘No’?


  1. Ellie Stoneley says

    How wonderful – great to see it for real and not just in the gt office in London …


  1. Simon Berry says:

    How could Coca-Cola possibly say ‘no’ to at least testing the ColaLife idea?

  2. Simon Berry says:

    First AidPod to be made in Africa – picture – – ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kate Andrews says:

    First #Colalife AidPod gets made in Africa

  4. RT @kateandrews: First #Colalife AidPod gets made in Africa

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