Matthew Taylor on globalisation and the G20

I was honoured to be asked by David Wilcox and the folks at to put the questions of Yoosk members to Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and ex political adviser to Tony Blair. That bit was easy . . . asking the questions again afterwards to an empty chair, to get the reverse angle shots, was more of a challenge. Paxman need not worry. His job is safe!

Here is Matthew on globalisation and the G20.

You can see all of the questions and answers on the Yoosk’s London Summit site or on Yoosk’s YouTube Channel.

After the interview I showed Matthew the ColaLife AidPod. He’d heard of ColaLife and is to put me into contact with one or two people he thinks can help. I am a fellow of the RSA and ColaLife is to be featured in the next issue of the RSA Journal which should be out at the end of March.