ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit!

Parliament Square 11/3/09

Thanks to the support of Facebook Group members I am off to the G20 Summit! I heard today that the nomination to be a member of the G20voice team of bloggers from around the world had been approved by Number 10. This is huge honour and responsibility which I will be taking very seriously. If there’s stuff you think I should be saying please comment here or email at G20voice[at]colalife[dot]org.

It’s going to be a great global gathering of bloggers. The G20voice site says:

We are inviting 50 influential and knowledgeable bloggers from around the world to join us at the London ExCel centre with the G20 leaders and the world’s press. The UK Government recognises the growing importance of bloggers debating the issues around the G20 Summit and have allocated space and passes within the Summit venue.

We have a three day programme of events including an intense schedule of world leaders, thinkers, high profile activists and, of course, fellow bloggers on the actual day of the summit.

We are planning to invite

    15 bloggers from the developing world
    10 bloggers focused on poverty reduction
    10 bloggers focused on climate change
    1 bloggers from each of the G20 countries
    10 high profile and eclectic bloggers

I think I’m in the eclectic category!

I’m the second blooger to be announced. My colleague is Cédric Kalonji of CongoBlog.

I will post more details as I receive them.

Thanks to the ColaLife supporters who nominated me.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit! – – I wonder if @stephenfry will be there? Thks to colalifers who got me there

  2. RT @51m0n ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit! – – wonder if @stephenfry there? Thks to colalifers who got me there

  3. @colalife off to the G20 Summit in April! Congratulations Simon!

  4. Colalife at the G20 summit. RT @51m0n brilliant news!

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