ColaLife Video snuggles up to Google

ColaLife Animation in Google Search

Views of the ColaLife animation topped 6,000 today and in a search for ‘Project 10 100’ in Google the ColaLife animation is now second only to the Google Project itself! You can view the animation here. If you’ve got a YouTube account please give it 5 stars and make a comment if you have time.

While all this is going on, plans are being drawn up, collaborations built, a giant colalife aidpod commissioned in preparation for a March on London (England) to get people to vote for ColaLife. You can register for a reminder here:

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Whoops – we aren’t second any more – there’s no let up in this game!


  1. Simon Berry says:

    ColaLife Video snuggles up to Google –