Google Project 10^100 Voting Campaign planning meeting

Just a quick note to say thanks you to everyone who came to tonight’s campaign planning meeting. It was great to shake hands with so many people I’d only met online.

The room at Global Tolerance was brimming with ideas and the talent to actually implement them. We focussed ruthlessly on “how we might get more people to vote for ColaLife than voted for Barrack Obama”! Well it’s no good aiming low is it? Register for a reminder to vote here.

I was also concious that there were key people missing who have contributed so much already, mainly young people who couldn’t afford the train fare. Not fair!

But no one’s excluded from the voting campaign. If you want to contribute just make sure you’re on the ColaLife Google Group because that’s where the detailed action is going to be.

We also unveiled the Mark II AidPod and there will be video of this here very soon.