Creative juices start to flow . . .

ColaLife badges
There is nothing like the prospect of a ColaLife face to face meeting to get the creative juices flowing! These badge designs just popped into my mailbox from Bertie Bosrédon. Thanks Bertie.

Which one would you wear?


  1. I like number 3. The red is strong, and it shows the URL clearly. If you are wearing it, you are pretty obviously a supporter.

  2. I like the red one too – by far the strongest.

  3. Yes, red one every time. It’s much more noticeable than the others.

    Can Bertie ‘crinkle’ the edges like a Coke bottle top?

  4. Howard, I like your idea but I am an amateur designer and wouldn’t know how to do that.
    I found a free photoshop button badge template with all the layers so can change the background colour, text etc.

  5. That’s fine. There are some pretty talented and creative people involved here – I reckon some Photoshop whizz might come forward. Otherwise the button is very good as it is.

  6. Caroline says

    I really like the red version. I think it makes you think of coca cola immediately too which would benefit the partnership both ways.

  7. I concur!!

    Where can I get one? Maybe ask Andy Gibson @gandy who has some cool mindapples badges.

  8. Definitely the red No3 with the edges crinkled like a bottle top!

  9. Can’t wait to have one for my facebook profile please??


  1. Simon Berry says:

    ColaLife badges from @cafedumonde Which one would you wear?

  2. David Wilcox says:

    Retweeting @51m0n: ColaLife badges from @cafedumonde Which one would you wear?

  3. Nick Booth says:

    RT @helenmilner: RT @davidwilcox: Retweeting @51m0n: ColaLife badges from @cafedumonde Which one would you wear?

  4. Andy Mabbett says:

    @podnosh @helenmilner: #colalife badge three is a “stop” sign – wrong message?