Making use of unused space – can you help?

The ColaLife AidPod makes use of unused space in a Coca-Cola crate. Could you use the unused space on your Twitter page to promote ColaLife?

By changing the background image to your Twitter page, all the people visiting will see information about ColaLife. I wonder how many people we can get to do this for the cause? Please spread the word!

Here’s the image that will give you a ColaLife background on your Twitter page: Download twitterbackgroundcolalife.jpg (right-click and select ‘Save Link As…’)

To change your Twitter background proceed as follows:

  1. download the ColaLife background image (right-click and select ‘Save Link As…’)
  2. go your homepage on Twitter
  3. click the ‘Setting’ link (top right)
  4. select the ‘Design’ tab (far right)
  5. click ‘Change background image ยป
  6. click the ‘Browse’ button to and point to twitterbackgroundcolalife.jpg
  7. click ‘save changes’
  8. just wait a few moments for the file to upload and that’s it!



  1. Yes! Yes! Good idea. Easy, high impact, and controllable by Colalife. Could offer new backgrounds during progress of the campaign too.

  2. How did you choose the image size for the background?

    You’ve chosen 1155 x 1500 pixels, but I’ve seen other Twitter backgrounds with different sizes. When I looked into this a couple of weeks ago, the size I found most others using was 1600 x 1200 pixels. And that’s what I’ve used on mine at

  3. Great idea ColaLife. You can do the same thing on every website you view with the Better The World, Charity Sidebar. You can choose many causes to support and view “Good Ads” to raise money for charity.

  4. Can you give us a link Mark to show an example of a charity/nonprofit that lets users/supporters change the background?

    I presume you mean that users change the background of your/their sidebar, rather than the background of “every website you view”? If so, isn’t that different to what ColaLife are offering? Only your sidebar users see the sidebar they have installed, whereas anyone visiting a Twitter webpage of a ColaLife supporter will see the background, whether or not they use Twitter themselves and whether or not they follow that particular supporter.

  5. Hi Howard,

    I love the Cola Life idea of “wallpapering” your extra browser space or social media accounts for a good cause to help spread the word.

    We took a different approach to let users download a browser sidebar which is always on, whenever they are surfing on the net. We serve “good ads” in the extra space, that are aligned to their social cause (like Habitat for Humanity or the World Wildlife Fund). 90% of the Ad revenue is then directed to the charity of their choice. Check it out at Anyone can choose a cause, download their charity sidebar to start raising money for their charity for free.

    Thanks for your response,


  1. RT @51m0n Please consider changing your Twitter background for ColaLife – – pls re-tweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Simon Berry says:

    @russelltanner Thanks for joining the <> and telling others about it!

  3. TJ Sondermann says:

    Making use of some unused space on my background for a week.

  4. Mike Reed says:

    Support the brilliant @ColaLife with a Twitter background like mine: Use Coke’s network to distribute meds. Genius.

  5. TessyBritton says:

    Please consider changing your Twitter background for ColaLife – – pls re-tweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. […] to everyone who has gone the trouble of uploading the ColaLife Twitter background to promote the ColaLife […]

  7. J.S.Zolliker says:

    Can you donate your twitter background for a good cause?

  8. Simon Berry says:

    @GrahamRichards Thanks for using the ColaLife twitter background on your home page – much appreciated –

  9. Simon Berry says:

    ColaLife – making use of unused space to save lives. Would you dedicate your unused twitter background to colalife?

  10. RT @51m0n: ColaLife – making use of unused space to save lives. Would you dedicate your twitter background to colalife?