Would you change your Facebook picture for ColaLife?

A group of us (in a Google Group) are working on a campaign to get people to vote for the ColaLife idea if it gets through to the last 100 in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th trawl for the best ideas in the World. We will know on 17 March 2009.

One idea put forward by Kristin in the Colalife Google Group was to ask members of the Facebook Group to change their profile picture for a couple of weeks. Innovative! So Emma, another group member has had a go at a few designs – a selection of these are shown above. What do you think of them? Would this work? Would you change your Facebook picture to support ColaLife?

The ColaLife Google group is here and is open to everyone. If you’d like to help out please join.


  1. Would you change your Facebook picture in support of ColaLife? https://is.gd/iEoo Yes? No? Maybe? 🙂

  2. It’s certainly worth a go, Simon.

    When I first came across the various “donate your Facebook status” campaigns e.g. get the vote out in the USA, it struck me that there might be some additional ways of using Facebook’s common assets effectively as part of a short, intense charity or nonprofit campaign.

    Swapping your Facebook photo is certainly one way, and maybe there are others:

    * can you change your name e.g. “Howard Lake for Colalife.org”? Or maybe change your middle name on your FB profile? FB say they “confirm all name changes before they take effect” so maybe this might not work. If it did, it would be v prominent on participants FB profiles.

    * can you change your religion and/or politics in your profile to ‘ColaLife.org’? The content that goes in those sections gets linked to others who use the same words I recall.

    * can you change your hometown in your profile to ColaLife.org?

    Just some thoughts to add to the impact of ColaLife.

  3. How about starting your Twitter messages with [♥ colalife]

  4. Yes, nice idea. Branding, campaigning, and a possibility of viral promotion. Maybe it would have more effect for a short campaign, rather than as an ongoing tool where it might start to lose its impact after a while.

  5. I would definitely change my profile pic, it’s a great idea. Not so sure about the Twitter thought. When you have just 140 characters, that’s a lot to lose! But ColaLife should definitely be on Twitter – it’s the ideal medium for this sort of terrific, grassroots idea.

  6. Oh, how embarrassing. Just spotted your Twitter feed on the right!

  7. @Howard Lake Yes you are right. it’s a thing to do in the week before the Google contest begins.