Archives for February 2009

Twitter users go beyond the background – thanks

Thanks to everyone who has gone the trouble of uploading the ColaLife Twitter background to promote the ColaLife campaign and encourage people to join the Colalife Facebook group and invite their friends. One or two users have gone the extra mile and donated their Twitter profile picture to the cause. Thanks to 40_thieves and houtlust. […]

Making use of unused space – can you help?

The ColaLife AidPod makes use of unused space in a Coca-Cola crate. Could you use the unused space on your Twitter page to promote ColaLife? By changing the background image to your Twitter page, all the people visiting will see information about ColaLife. I wonder how many people we can get to do this for […]

No more organisations needed?

It would be very attempting to set up ColaLife as an NGO but I strongly believe that the organisations needed to implement the ColaLife already exist and that we should focus on joining things up and facilitating relationships to make things happen. Now and again I receive a message that reassures me that this is […]

Would you change your Facebook picture for ColaLife?

A group of us (in a Google Group) are working on a campaign to get people to vote for the ColaLife idea if it gets through to the last 100 in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th trawl for the best ideas in the World. We will know on 17 March 2009. One idea put […]

You can now get ColaLife updates by email

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