Trovus Revelations keeps us in the picture

Trovus, who provide an amazing website visitor monitoring system, has been a supporter of ColaLife from the moment they heard about the campaign.

This is how Trovus Revelations works. Every computer connected to the internet has a number (an IP address) this IP address is allocated to you by the organisation who ‘owns’ the internet connection you are using.

What Trovus Revelations does is match the IP address of all visitors to a website with the name of the organisation that ‘owns’ that address. When I view a page on the ColaLife website, Trovus registers that ‘Virgin Media’ (my internet service provider) has visited the site. Not terribly useful. BUT most corporations have their own connection to the internet – they ‘own’ their own IP addresses. So we know, for example, when Coca-Cola look at the website and that Heineken and Procter and Gamble are also interested in ColaLife!

Trovus allows you to set up email alerts that let you know when a particular organisation looks at your website. The image above shows a series of emails from Trovus telling me that Google are looking at this website which is reassuring given that entries to Google’s Project 10 to the 100th are being assessed at the moment.

Thanks Trovus for keeping us in the picture!


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Trovus tells us that Google are looking at the ColaLife website a lot at the moment – – ๐Ÿ™‚