Moo Cards just work!

Today my mobile buzzed announcing the arrival of a text . . . from Tanzania! It read:

Hi simon! i hope ur fine,
I am grace mdc from
kinondon area since u
come u r 2 quiet why?
nothing is going on
from grace mdc tanzania

Frontline SMS! That is Grace in the pictures. She owns and runs one the Coca-Cola MDCs (Manual Distribution Centres) in Dar Es Salaam. I had the pleasure of visiting and talking to Grace during my trip to Tanzania in November. I explained what I was doing and gave her a ColaLife Moo Card. She was delighted (but then so is everyone I give a Moo card to – they are just lovely).

Anyway she must have kept the card and today she made contact. I called Grace and she says she has access to email so we are going to continue communicating that way. I hope she’ll be able to get to an internet connection to watch the video I took at the Freeman MDC.

Moo are ColaLife supporters.


  1. Moo cards just work – frontline SMS – – ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That is so cool Simon!