More thoughts on the ColaLife AidPod design

01: ColaLife AidPod with end cap(s) – click on the image to enlarge.

02: ColaLife AidPod (single piece) – click on the image to enlarge.

03: ColaLife AidPod with end lid – click on the image to enlarge.

Your comments please . . . .


  1. What about:

    1 – Going back to a simpler design – just a triangle in cross section then:

    2 – They will probably be filled with whatever locally, and by hand rather than in an automated way. This should be quick and easy and not fiddly. So why not turn the pod up the other way to fill it? ie it stands on a flat broad base and the opening is at the apex.

    3 – If the opening is at the apex – the thin end of the wedge – then things will not be prone to getting stuck in the crease.

    4 – With the opening in the thin end, the challenge of waterproofing might be easier: The opening would be protected from the elements (upside down amongst the bottles); with a simpler/smaller aperture. If the wedge was made of heavy duty (recycled?) polythene then opening/closing mechanism could be one of the plastic, tooth-free zips seen on plastic bags. To avoid introducing more plastic rubbish in the world they’d need to be returnable and/or adaptable by local people into other uses (semi-waterproof/insect-proof pouch?)

    5 – Should they be made from a transparent material so that you could see what’s in them without opening them. Some people have said that the whole aidpod idea could easily fall into disrepute if they were used to ‘hide’ and transport illicit materials.

  2. I think you should consider individual containers that fit inbetween the bottles and were connected by a tearable mesh for easy insertion and removal.

    Each of these dosing bottles could be roughly the same size and shape as an upside down health yoghurt container, but mirror the design of the cola bottle.


  3. Hi Matt . . . . you mean a bit like this?



  4. Yep! Just like that. Matt 😉


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