Celebrating 8,000 ColaLife Members

8000 members

At 17:11 GMT on 18/1/09 the ColaLife Facebook Group hit 8,000 members. This is a fantastic achievement and keeps the pressure on everyone for action. Thanks to everyone who’s joined and special thanks to those who have made very special efforts to recruit friends. I know James Pb, David Berman and others have been very busy in this regard recently. In the last week the group has grown by another 138 which is incredible but growth has slowed right down again now. Have you invited all your Facebook friends yet?

While this has been going on, people have been writing about the campaign all around the world. I have found, and tagged, 232 ColaLife articles to date (24/1/09).

We now have to gear up for voting for the ColaLife idea in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th (here it is on YouTube – I’ve posted our video as a video response). There were more than 100,000 ideas proposed and a shortlist of 100 will be announced on 27/1/09 and this is when voting will start.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Celebrating 8,000 ColaLife members and gearing up for Project 10^100 – https://is.gd/h3K2