From Communication & Learning to Collaboration – we can do it!

I feel that we are at a crucial stage of the ColaLife Campaign where our relationship with Coca-Cola needs to change slightly but in a significant way. As I am thinking this, Erik Charas makes the above post to the ColaLife Facebook Group (thanks Erik).

We have developed a really strong relationship with Coca-Cola which has enabled open communications and facilitated mutual learning and development of the ColaLife idea. However, to move forward we need, in my judgement, to move from good communications and good learning to good collaboration.

We are going to need to answer questions like:

  1. how the need for a product would be decided upon in a specific area
  2. who would then be supplying the product and in what format
  3. how would get the product to the MDC’s and how would it be put into crates
  4. MDC workers take product to retail outlets – so how would it the reach the people who need it?
  5. how would all of this be funded

And these are questions we need to consider together with Coca-Cola and local people. It’s no good us all coming up with different answers.

I am working on the transition to the collaboration phase now. Having come this far, we don’t want a repeat of Erik’s experience.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    From Communication & Learning to Collaboration – will we make it? – ColaLife