First Edition ColaLife Cards on eBay!

In this multi-media, web 2.0 world you can’t sit in one place (like your website) and expect everyone to come to you. People are everywhere so you have to be everywhere too if you are going to get noticed. That is why ColaLife has a presence here, on Facebook, on Flickr, on YouTube, on Vimeo, on Twitter, on other people’s blogs and many other places.

Well now we are on eBay too. This will introduce CocaLife to a new group of people and hopefully someone will buy the cards which will mean that we can buy some more and continue to promote the camapign to the (still important) offline world.

Go on! Bid! Click here go to the cards on eBay.


  1. Hi Simon,

    I think your idea of using EBay to distribute Cola Life materials is excellent, but that £25 is too high an upfront cost for you to sell very many – i.e more than one.

    If you want to raise money you should probably charge as much as you can, but if you want to attract the maximum possible promotion I think you should consider selling your cards more cheaply and in easy to buy and circulate sets.

    I would also reword the text so that it is more directly about what you would like Coca Cola to do, and easier for a newbie to understand why they should buy your stuff.

    e.g. Coca cola have amazing distribution system across the developing world. This campaign is asking them to use it to distribute medicines for preventable and easily treated diseases… basic stats.. please help us by buying and distributing 100-1000 postcards in local shops and cafes where you live.

    I hope I haven’t caused offence and that this feedback is helpful.

    Warmest regards


  2. Hi Matt

    Umm, I should perhaps have made it clearer.

    I’m only intending to sell one set as a collector’s item and really nice set of cards to own.