Introducing the AIDPOD concept

ColaLife 'Mock-up' pods ColaLife pods in place Pod section drawing

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While in Tanzania I mocked up two types of ‘ColaLife’ pods and went out to get people’s reaction to them. The ‘wedge’ pod was much more popular than the ‘tube’, because the tube would displace a bottle.

There are other very significant benefits from moving from focussing on distributing a particular product (ORS with hygiene and sanitation educational materials). Among these are:

  1. It allows the essential local determination of what is distributed and when. Needs will vary from location to location and from season to season and what is distributed MUST be determined locally by those with the long term responsibility for public health care;
  2. It potentially allows the idea to be replicated across the World after successful local trials;
  3. It also dis-associates the Coca-Cola product/brand with a particular ‘social product’ which is likely to enable a wider range of products to be distributed.

Following this, at the first ColaLife face to face event, there was some discussion about what the pod should be called. Given that the pod idea has a broader application than Coca-Cola crates is ‘ColaLife Pod’ the right name?

Then on 27/12/08 in the BBC Radio 4 iPM feature, Eddie Mair rounded off the 10 minute interview saying “Simon Berry and his AidPod”. So we got the name we were struggling for after the face to face meeting. The following domain names have been registered just in case we need them in the future:

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. david nevill says

    Great packaging idea – SaltPod might be better than the word AID—sss

    I was Schweppes commercial director in the 90’s before i retired

    In Zambia we distributed sachets of re-hydration salts with Schweppes (for thirsty copper miners)

    Coke Cola bought out our operation – I wonder if they still distribute the sachets (involved just a small spoon and a sachet filler !)


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Introducing the colalife AidPod – major edit:

  2. Great post about ColaLife and the GOOD 100 List on mei’d.for.good

  3. Abi Palmer says:

    Abi’s blog post on Colalife at TEDx London

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