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Trovus Revelations keeps us in the picture

Trovus, who provide an amazing website visitor monitoring system, has been a supporter of ColaLife from the moment they heard about the campaign. This is how Trovus Revelations works. Every computer connected to the internet has a number (an IP address) this IP address is allocated to you by the organisation who ‘owns’ the internet […]

Moo Cards just work!

Today my mobile buzzed announcing the arrival of a text . . . from Tanzania! It read: Hi simon! i hope ur fine, I am grace mdc from kinondon area since u come u r 2 quiet why? nothing is going on from grace mdc tanzania Frontline SMS! That is Grace in the pictures. She […]

Gearing up to vote for ColaLife in Project 10^100

Google’s trawl for the best ideas in the World (aka Project 10 to the 100th) attracted more than 100,000 entries and ColaLife was one of them. The text of our entry is here and above is the video that Facebook members put together. The video on YouTube has been viewed 4,925 times at the last […]

More thoughts on the ColaLife AidPod design

01: ColaLife AidPod with end cap(s) – click on the image to enlarge. 02: ColaLife AidPod (single piece) – click on the image to enlarge. 03: ColaLife AidPod with end lid – click on the image to enlarge. Your comments please . . . .

Celebrating 8,000 ColaLife Members

At 17:11 GMT on 18/1/09 the ColaLife Facebook Group hit 8,000 members. This is a fantastic achievement and keeps the pressure on everyone for action. Thanks to everyone who’s joined and special thanks to those who have made very special efforts to recruit friends. I know James Pb, David Berman and others have been very […]

From Communication & Learning to Collaboration – we can do it!

I feel that we are at a crucial stage of the ColaLife Campaign where our relationship with Coca-Cola needs to change slightly but in a significant way. As I am thinking this, Erik Charas makes the above post to the ColaLife Facebook Group (thanks Erik). We have developed a really strong relationship with Coca-Cola which […]

More ColaLife Serendipity and Web 2.0 Magic

My co-administrator of the ColaLife Facebook Group, writer, tipster and networker extraordinaire, Kate Andrews, invited me to join a Flickr Group. It was the Do Good Design group set up to support the micro-site supporting David Berman’s recently published book. So I joined the group and I posted the aidpod picture above. This intrigued David […]

First Edition ColaLife Cards on eBay!

In this multi-media, web 2.0 world you can’t sit in one place (like your website) and expect everyone to come to you. People are everywhere so you have to be everywhere too if you are going to get noticed. That is why ColaLife has a presence here, on Facebook, on Flickr, on YouTube, on Vimeo, […]

Introducing the AIDPOD concept

Click on the images to see them full-size on Flickr. While in Tanzania I mocked up two types of ‘ColaLife’ pods and went out to get people’s reaction to them. The ‘wedge’ pod was much more popular than the ‘tube’, because the tube would displace a bottle. There are other very significant benefits from moving […]