ColaLife on BBC (UK) National Radio (27/12/08)

On Saturday, 27/12/08 the BBC ran a 10 minute feature on ColaLife updating the initial interview back in June on the BBC Radio 4 programme, iPM. It includes bits from the original interview in June 2008, an update on progress and the vision from me and a clever audio cut from the frontline video filmed in Tanzania.

The item is no longer available on the BBC iPlayer but, thanks to the iPM Team, you can listen by clicking on the play button below:

iPM ColaLife Feature broadcast on 27 12 2008 by colalife

Eddie Mair finishes the feature saying “Simon Berry with his aidpod“. This is interesting because at the recent face-to-face meeting of ColaLife supporters there was lots a discussion about what the ‘ColaLife Pod’ should be called as the pod idea has applications beyond Coca-Cola, or Pepsi Cola for that matter. Terms like ‘healthpod’ and ‘lifepod’ are already in use for other things but ‘aidpod’ isn’t. So . . . . I’ve registered, and just in case we need them moving forward. For the moment I have re-directed these domain names to the ColaLife Blog.

If we adopted the term ‘aidpod’ then we would need to start talking in terms of ‘The ColaLife AidPod‘ which would leave space for the ‘Pepsi AidPod’ and the ‘Heineken AidPod’ etc etc

Any thoghts on the ‘aidpod’ name? What would it go down like on the frontline I wonder?


  1. RT @51m0n Audio of Simon’s ColaLife BBC R4 interview / aidpod. More:

  2. Simon Berry says:

    The colalife iPM feature no longer available on iPlayer but the BBC have sent the mp3 & you can listen again here: ๐Ÿ™‚

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