A holiday gift for all ColaLife supporters

Happy holidays everyone!

ColaLife is likely to be featured as ‘a highlight of the year’ in BBC Radio 4’s iPM programme (scroll down to ‘Greatest Hits’) on 27/12/08. If you are near a radio in the UK at 17:30 GMT on that day please tune in. Alternatively you can listen via the internet on the Radio 4 page.

Image credit: Cola-Cola gets everywhere, Les Menuires, Dec 2008. Simon Berry.


  1. I downloaded the podcast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/podcasts/ipm/)

    and I loved it! Congratulations Simon!

    “Latest Episode
    iPM: Coke time, cell mates and computer games. In good, end-of-year tradition, iPM revisits some favourite stories and asks, with typical journalistic panache, what happened next? One campaigner tries to persuade Coca Cola to help distribute rehydration salts…..”