ColaLife Aims and Objectives reviewed

ColaLife pods in place IMG_2012 IMG_2019 Jess' designs

Based on recent learning the aims and objectives of the ColaLife have been revised and published here.

The changes made stem mainly from one thing; what is carried in the crates should be locally determined by health professionals and institutions – those with the long term responsibility for health services. This means that we move away from the narrow focus on ORS and educational materials on health and hygiene to ’social products’ of any sort.

We move towards the idea of incorporating a ‘ColaLife Pod‘ in Coca-Cola crates that can contain anything (within reason). The pods would contain the things that are required in any particular region and may vary with the season of the year or in response to local events.

We believe that as well as being sound from a development perspective, the local determination of what is distributed and the focus on the ‘ColaLife Pod‘ rather than any particular product, will make it acceptable for a wider range of social products to be distributed in Coca-Cola crates.

Onwards and upwards.


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