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Progress Report – 1/11/08

This photo was taken by Teseum – the original is here Here is an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign. The headline is: HEADLINE: Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Sallaam! May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on […]

Download the ColaLife video to your iPod!

The ColaLife, Four Children A Minute video can’t compete with video clips of Barack Obama but it’s competing pretty effectively with everything else on YouTube. It’s number two in a search for Project 10^100 on YouTube. Second only to the Google video itself. In a Google search for ‘project 10 to the 100th’ it features […]

Thinking outside the bottle

Here’s the first response to the call for innovative designers. We’ve been in email contact with Jess Ponsford and suggested she looked at making use of the unused space in the Coca-Cola crates as an alternative to removing a bottle from the crate to insert a ‘ColaLife Pod’. Jessica is a 2nd year Fine Art student […]

Global Tolerance to host ColaLife meet-up – 16/12/08

The generous support for Colalife from Simon Cohen of Global Tolerance continues. Simon has offered to host a meet-up at their London headquarters for those us who can make it on 16 December, 6 – 9pm. This is particularly welcome as most of us have never met! Numbers will be limited to 20. The following […]

Any questions?

[image of visa – removed] I’m off! And here’s my visa to prove it. But before I go, please help me out with ideas of what information I should try and gather while I’m there. I got a load of questions from Julian this morning that were really helpful in giving me ideas on who […]

BBC to cover Tanzania Trip

Jennifer Tracey of the BBC’s iPM team was in touch shortly after it was announced here that Coca-Cola had invited ColaLife to Tanzania. The BBC have been talking to Coca-Cola about the meeting and the possibility of covering it. I spoke with Chris Vallance last week who offered to send me a Flip Video so […]

More inputs from Jess Ponsford

Jess Ponsford has been at it again. We asked Jess to provide us with representations of a cylinder replacing a bottle (the idea we first started with) and Jane’s idea of a ‘Toblerone-shaped’ AidPod. Like the idea we asked Jess to look at first, Thinking outside the bottle, the Toblerone method uses unused space within a crate […]

Plans for Tanzania trip

Image credit: Rory McCann I’m packing for the big trip! Here is an outline of my plans. The most important thing to note though is that I intend to load a daily report here starting on the evening of Tuesday, 24/11 (internet connection permitting – but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get one). […]

ColaLife – the story so far – 24 Nov 2008

Here is the presentation I gave at the NCVO Info 2.0 conference today. I’m uploading it quickly before boaring the plane to Dar Es Salaam (via Doha). I will try and add a soundtrack at some future date. ColaLife – the story so far – 24.11.08 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Tanzania Diary – Day 1 – 25/11/08

Children at Rene MDC, Dar Es Salaam >>more photos Well, where do I start? I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. Here is a brief run-down of the day. It’s a bit ‘notey’ but I need to get some sleeeep! The programme for the day was an introductory talk which I missed as […]