Global Tolerance to host ColaLife meet-up – 16/12/08

The generous support for Colalife from Simon Cohen of Global Tolerance continues. Simon has offered to host a meet-up at their London headquarters for those us who can make it on 16 December, 6 – 9pm. This is particularly welcome as most of us have never met! Numbers will be limited to 20. The following people have already responded to announcements through the Google and Facebook Groups: Steve Bridger; Simon Berry; Ann Holmes; David Wilcox; Tessy Britton; Ian Crawford; Ellie Stoneley; Steve Dale, Simon Cohen and Kate Andrews. If you’d like to join us please comment on this blog item or email me at sxberry -at- gmail -dot- com. Numbers will be limited to 20.

The meeting will be informal and focus on ‘what next?’ By the time we meet we will have the outcomes of the meeting in Dar Es Salaam to consider.


  1. Ellie Stoneley says

    great that gt can be of service Simon – and looking forward to meeting up with you and everyone else and hearing first hand the full Dar es Salaam story

  2. Emma Berry says

    I’m in. I’ve seen the designs on flickr. Very exciting!

  3. See you there.

  4. Looking forward to this, Simon.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    ColaLife meet-up anyone? 16/12/08, 6-9pm, Global Tolerance –