Thinking outside the bottle

Here’s the first response to the call for innovative designers. We’ve been in email contact with Jess Ponsford and suggested she looked at making use of the unused space in the Coca-Cola crates as an alternative to removing a bottle from the crate to insert a ‘ColaLife Pod’. Jessica is a 2nd year Fine Art student from Loughborough University School of Art & Design. She says:

My art practise is primarily about producing work to make a difference or raise awareness to issues in the world around us.

My design simply uses the negative space within the coca cola crate, sitting between the bottles in sets of three.At the moment they are designed to be made out of recyclable plastic with a foil cover on top to open. They are also able to be torn apart for single use. I have produced the design with idea of it containing the rehydration salts, the life straw and other educational materials. I haven’t worked with exact dimensions as it is just an initial idea.

Thanks Jess. So what do you think? All of Jess’ graphics are here.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Thinking outside the bottle – – Jess Ponsford’s ColaLife Pods.

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  4. […] 15/11/08 Jess ponsford submits innovation ‘ColaLife Pod’ design ideas >>more […]