Progress Report – 1/11/08

crowd of children

This photo was taken by Teseum – the original is here

Here is an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign. The headline is:
HEADLINE: Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Sallaam!

May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress!

  • May 1988 Had the idea while working on the British Aid Programme in NE Zambia that Coca-Cola’s distribution muscle could be used to distribute oral rehydration salts in developing countries
  • I tried to promote the idea but made no progress at all!

May 2008 onwards- the last 180 days – real progress!

Next moves

  • Following the meeting on 24-25 November in Dar Es Salaam, I will be doing 2 days ‘fieldwork’ researching Coca-Cola’s distribution network. I’ll be seeking out and talking to as many of the stakeholders as possible.
  • Encouraging the prospect of trials of the concept in east Africa before the end of 2008.
  • Seeking engagement from a multi-national NGO.
  • Encouraing ideas and contributions from members of the various groups (eg design of inserts for crates; educational and awareness raising materials; local logistics; grass-roots engagement etc etc).
  • On-going PR campaign to ensure support groups continue to grow.
  • Event?.

5,500 children die every day in Africa before the age of 5. This initiative could save thousands and thousands of children’s lives through positive engagement between the private and NGO sector.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    Amazing progress has been made. Latest ColaLife progess report published: – Thanks everyone. 🙂