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Summary of information gained from visits to MDCs on 27/11/08 and 28/11/08

On 27/11/08 I was lucky enough to be able to accompany Benito Xaverly, one of Coca-Cola Kwanza’s Area Sales Managers as he visited 7 of the 17 MDCs he looks after. The main purpose of the visits was to agree the month’s sales targets and discuss any issues the MDCs may have. However, I took […]

The dimensions of a Coca-Cola crate

Here’s all the detail you will ever need! To read the numbers, click on the image to open it full size on Flickr. This is the crate. it takes 24, 350ml bottles and 80% of the Coca-Cola produced in Tanzania goes out in these bottles/crates. There are lots more photos of crates here.

Another good day but not so visually exciting

Here are the bullet points from today in order of execution: Set up a meeting with PSI Tanzania Got the bike out and re-visited Grace MDC Re-located Lilian MDC and Mwenge South MDCs Got caught in a tropical down pour Bumped into the Prime Minister when trying to get back up to my room with […]

ColaLife Pods – what the frontline thinks

I have written so much about what has happened over the last two days but I have not quite finished or publshed anything yet (it will come). But the video below sums it all up. The context is as follows. Today I went out with Benito Xaverly, one of the Area Sales Manager for Dar […]

ColaLife pods?

Another great day with a bunch of really creative people but more on the meeting in the next blog post. When the meeting finished I was able to arrange to tag along with Adrian Ristow to see more MDCs tomorrow and then I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for that. And the image […]

Tanzania Diary – Day 1 – 25/11/08

Children at Rene MDC, Dar Es Salaam >>more photos Well, where do I start? I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. Here is a brief run-down of the day. It’s a bit ‘notey’ but I need to get some sleeeep! The programme for the day was an introductory talk which I missed as […]

ColaLife – the story so far – 24 Nov 2008

Here is the presentation I gave at the NCVO Info 2.0 conference today. I’m uploading it quickly before boaring the plane to Dar Es Salaam (via Doha). I will try and add a soundtrack at some future date. ColaLife – the story so far – 24.11.08 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Plans for Tanzania trip

Image credit: Rory McCann I’m packing for the big trip! Here is an outline of my plans. The most important thing to note though is that I intend to load a daily report here starting on the evening of Tuesday, 24/11 (internet connection permitting – but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get one). […]

More inputs from Jess Ponsford

Jess Ponsford has been at it again. We asked Jess to provide us with representations of a cylinder replacing a bottle (the idea we first started with) and Jane’s idea of a ‘Toblerone-shaped’ AidPod. Like the idea we asked Jess to look at first, Thinking outside the bottle, the Toblerone method uses unused space within a crate […]

BBC to cover Tanzania Trip

Jennifer Tracey of the BBC’s iPM team was in touch shortly after it was announced here that Coca-Cola had invited ColaLife to Tanzania. The BBC have been talking to Coca-Cola about the meeting and the possibility of covering it. I spoke with Chris Vallance last week who offered to send me a Flip Video so […]