ColaLife Google Video: The dream team gathers . . .

I always say that “The Genius is in the Network” (but wasn’t the first to say it) and I’m proved right time and time again. Last night I scribbled a storyboard for the ColaLife Google video in the train. When I got home I put it on this blog. I put a message out to the Google Mailing List and I emailed a few friends and family.

Overnight I had comments on the storyboard from one of the best PR brains in the business; ideas on a soundtrack from one of the most talented miusicians out there; an offer to do the drawings and another to do the animation.

I downloaded the above ‘animatic’ on the train this morning. It had been produced by my son, Sam (Blue-Zoo), so that the musician (Julian Moore – Georgia Wonder) can get on with the soundtrack while artist (son Luke) and animators do their stuff. Thanks also to Simon Cohen of Global Tolerance for ideas and words.


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