Storyboard: ColaLife video for the Google 10^100 application

Storyboard for Google 10^100 video
How about this for a storyboard for the video to support the Google 10^100 application? Thanks to Howard lake for getting the creative juices running! I am now going to contact all the animators and musicians I know to see if they can realise this. Click on the image to see it full-size.


  1. Hi, I have a couple of humble contributions. One of the most striking elements of the campaign is the juxtaposition between the seemingly insignificant Coke bottle and the human reality of the lives it can help sell. With the faces on the bottle, rather than smiley faces on (animated) whole African children, a trick might be being missed.

    Also, the Google project seems to be about the disproportionate impact small actions can make, to effect the greatest number of people. Therefore, as well as / instead of mentioning 1 in 5, say the total number of people that equates to (and represent that in some way – for example, the equivalent of the whole population of ….). And finally, if the packets on one coke bottle can help save the lives of more than one child, it is this disproportionate, positive effect that (I would argue) should be at the heart of the message. In the viewers mind, one ‘insignificant’ Coke bottle an help save (eg) five African children’s lives – that’s powerful stuff. I hope this helps. Simon

  2. …lives it can save not sell!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Simon. They are really helpful.
    Can we speak again when we do a proper video? Google are really strict about the video being totally original and I don’t think you can even use other people’s photos etc even with permission (I’ve asked for clarification but got none!). So I can’t use all the great pictures here:
    So I think I’ll be able to change the words (following your recommendations) but the rest will have to go as is given the time available. BTW it’s going to have an original soundtrack too!
    With best wishes and thanks again