More ideas for the pilot phase

Adrian Ristow writes:

During my time in New York in September I took advantage of the influx of leaders from the development community to meet with a few potential partners and advisors for the MDC project. There are lots of ways to use this growing network of Manual Distribution Centres. As well as piloting the use of the network to meet a social need, as in Simon’s Colalife idea, some other key opportunities are also emerging. These include the potential for improved micro-finance support and a broader education and training offering. If each person associated with the MDC network finds their skills growing all the time even beyond just this business that’s a real win and contribution.

It also becomes clearer to me how important it is to get development experts and other interested stakeholders together for the brainstorming session to assist our project team. We need to translate the broad findings of the research into practical and manageable solutions which not only stretch our thinking, but also protect distributors’ incomes. As has been previously found, one of the critical success factors of the distribution network is that everyone in the chain is able to generate some form of income from it and this principle has to be considered at all times.

We are at an advanced stage in planning for this next critical step in the project. The stakeholder convening is targeted for Dar-es-Salaam in late November. This meeting will be facilitated by an independent development expert and we hope to emerge from the session with some practical ideas to test in the pilot phase. More on this in my next message….

Catch you soon.